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The journey through New York State Adult-Use Cannabis License Applications will have between 2 and 4 parts including:  

Priority shall be given to applications that demonstrate that an applicant is in one of the following SEE groups: 

  • Individual from a Community Disproportionately Impacted – https://docs-ocm.ny.gov/CDI.html 
  • Distressed farmer 
  • Service-disabled veteran-owned business 
  • Minority-owned businesses 
  • Women-owned businesses 

Extra priority shall be given to applications that demonstrate that an applicant meets all of the following: 

SEE applicants will be asked to identify all SEE groups they qualify for during the application and will be pooled based on the license type sought, SEE certification, and provisional status. After the application window closes, applications will be randomly queued (ordered) in their distinct pools.


General Application Documentation:
*You may need additional documentation based on your License Type & Personal Situation

  • Proof of Citizenship (Drivers License)
  • Proof of Business (Articles of Organization)
  • FEIN Number
  • 2023 Business Tax Returns

SEE Application Documentation: 1 or More of the following:

  • Proof of Address for CDI Compliance
  • Proof of SDVOB Ownership
  • Proof of Majority Minority Ownership
  • Proof of Majority Woman Ownership
  • Proof of Distressed Farmer

SEE Application Extra Priority Documentation: All 3 Required:

  • Proof of Address for CDI Compliance
  • Proof of Income less then 80% of Median Income
  • Proof of Conviction

TPI Information:

  • Proof of Citizenship (Drivers License)
  • Fingerprint Background Check (Ask for Wet Prints)
  • 2023 Personal Tax Returns
  • Proof of Capitalization (Bank Statements)
  • Capitalization Table

In addition to AUCC and AUCP licenses that are eligible for transition, the Office estimates that over 1,000 licenses in the licensing application window opening on Wednesday, October 4, 2023, including provisional and final licenses may be issued. These estimated allocations include: 

  • Retail Dispensary: 500 – 1000 
  • Microbusiness: 220 
  • Indoor Cultivation (Tier 1): 20 
  • Indoor Cultivation (Tier 2): 20 
  • Processor (Type 1: Extracting, plus all activities of Types 2 and 3): 55 
  • Processor (Type 2: Infusing and blending, plus all activities of Type 3): 100 
  • Processor (Type 3: Packaging, labeling, and branding, including for the performance of white labeling agreements only): no allocation limit, Office will review on a rolling basis 
  • Distributor: 30

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